And we're just getting started!

In June 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Provincial government made additional legislative changes that negatively impacted the lives of thousands of children and youth residing in Group Homes and Foster Care across Ontario.  Specifically, The Ministry  of Children, Community and Social Services removed the requirement for police record checks for Group Home staff and Foster Care ‘parents’; they restricted visitation & access to biological family members without provisions for virtual connection; and discontinued the on-site safety checks at Group Homes and Foster Care residences across Ontario.

So far, the YEY! team has been featured on a range of TV and online platforms, providing information to the public surrounding the realities of youth in the Foster Care systems across Canada. From social media interviews, to daytime television our team is just getting started on our mission to spread awareness of the unfortunate circumstances most foster care youth face living in cities across Canada. Through our research the YEY team has put the experiences of youth-in-care at the forefront of our advocacy - while Municipal, Provincial, ad Federal Government has made it difficult to change the laws and save those who are suffering from them.

Through our advocacy we will continue to blow the whistle on the systems that put our most vulnerable youth at risk.